Chris Craft

In 1959, Time Magazine would recognize the popular phenomenon of pleasure boating and put Chris Craft on its cover. Throughout its rich history, a reputation for quality and style have made it the favorite of presidents, celebrities and icons of American affluence – names like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Vanderbilt, Morgan, Ford, Sinatra, and Hepburn.

The story of presidents, tycoons, and movie stars who have owned Chris Crafts’ over the years is captured in archival photography. Today their spirit lives on in the new models we build and they continue to be featured in blockbuster Hollywood films, winning a legion of new fans along the way.

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An American Story

Every Chris Craft you'll ever see lives up to the values and beliefs upon which the company was built 140 years ago

Chris Craft is a Truly American Story

Born in 1874, it came of age at a time that defined the notion of American ingenuity. While Henry Ford was creating the first motorcars, his watercraft counterpart, Chris Smith, was developing the very first engine-propelled boats and skiffs. Even during the Great Depression, Chris Craft thrived because quality is always prized.

During the Second World War, the company reinforced its hold on the American imagination when its landing craft transported the first troops to the Normandy shore on D-Day. In more ways than one, Chris Craft would become a symbol of liberation and freedom.

140 Years of Continuous Experience

Since the day Chris Craft built America’s first powerboat, our name has been synonymous with greatness. The history of Chris Craft is in fact the history of boating. You’ll see the culmination of more than a century of boat-building expertise. Every one of our models is the product of 140 years of continuous experience. No other boat manufacturer can make this statement.

There are six cornerstone qualities that ensure every Chris Craft you'll ever see lives up to the values and beliefs upon which the company was built 130 years ago. They ensure that our boats remain defining examples of superlative quality: