Chris Craft Corsair 27 – Power Play on Water

CCCO25-03The Chris Craft Corsair 27 is a perfect example of a boat that’s sleek and powerful. It carries on Chris Craft’s runabout heritage with practical design features, stunning craftsmanship and graceful lines. Island hoppers will love the idea of owning a Chris Craft Corsair 27, as it offers transportation in great style and comfort. The Corsair 27 has a covered foredeck that conceals a cuddy cabin underneath.  Perfect for water sports, it has a swim platform that is beautifully integrated into the overall design. The three-step stainless steel swim ladder makes it easy to step aboard after swimming or water skiing.

Corsair-1010488The Chris Craft Corsair 27 offers ample space in the main deck area and can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably. There is plenty of storage under the seating area to ensure that you have access to water sports equipment whenever you need it. An optional stern navigation light is an additional safety feature in case you decide to go on a cruise after sunset. Nonskid flooring in a diamond pattern is standard on the Corsair 27. In the center of the floor is a cooler storage area with an insulated removable cooler that is easy to clean and load. If that’s not enough add a refrigerator as an optional accessory and you have the perfect summer boat. Classic teak decking is standard on the Heritage edition of the Corsair 27. The boat comes with a choice of convertible top or Bimini top which can be stowed under the engine hatch when not in use. An optional cockpit cover can protect the boat when you are not using it.

CC25CO47The deep-V hull bottom, a flared bow and aft hull tumblehome design are striking features on the Chris Craft Corsair 27 differentiating it from other boat brands. The centered walkway on the foredeck provides access to an anchor locker. An optional sundeck ensconced on the foredeck fits in between the stainless steel handrails, giving the assurance that your safety is of prime concern. The bolster cushions, luxurious upholstery, stainless steel beverage holders and grab rails only reiterate the feeling that the Chris Craft brand stands for comfort and luxury. The curved tempered glass windshield with stainless steel frames provides a walkthrough to the foredeck. The tilt steering wheel in the helm is made of mahogany and has polished aluminum spokes. The perforated metal plate dashboard is another standard Chris Craft feature.

CCCO25-33If you have decided to spend an idyllic day on water, the cabin in the Corsair 27 is perfect for an afternoon snooze. The concealed porta potti comes in handy when you have kids on board or when you go on a longer cruise. The Corsair 27 is small enough to be towed and if required can tout its own towing power.

In Chris Craft’s words “Nothing compares to the first time you drive a Corsair, except for the next time and the time after that….” Pay a visit to Dave Bofill Marine; your Chris Craft full stocking, premium dealer to take a test ride of the Corsair 27 and we bet you can’t agree more.

Experience the Chris Craft Difference

1D7B9940_RT16If there is one name that continues to dominate the recreational boating market in America even after more than a century, it is Chris Craft. Since 1874 Chris Craft boats have been setting a standard for other boats to measure up to and even today, nothing seems to have changed. Chris Craft’s vision is to build boats that stand out in a sea of sameness. This is probably the reason why a Chris Craft, new or old, stands out even if it is surrounded by many other boats. Here are some observations on what makes Chris Craft different from other boat manufacturers.

Lifestyle_BoatinBarnSignature Design

When compared to any other boat manufacturer Chris Craft devotes more time and effort in boat building. This is because each Chris Craft boat is made to order and the manufacturer continues to use hands-on techniques along with modern technology. You can spot a Chris Craft from a mile away due to its distinctive V-shaped hull and tumblehome design. This is a shape that is engineered for stability and optimal performance even in unfavorable weather conditions. The flared bow provides extra deck space and knocks down the spray ensuring a dry ride. The reverse transom not only contributes to an enhanced visual appearance but also makes rear entry and exit via the swim platform easier.

CCL36-580Lasts a Lifetime

Chris Craft boats follow a 6-step lamination process that ensures the highest standards and is responsible for the boat’s stunning exterior. The gel coating on the exterior is sealed with UV-resistant polyurethane. Paint applied over the gel coat for a glossy finish is long lasting and resists oxidation that troubles most fiberglass boats. The expensive but less permeable vinylester resin used in the gel coat resists cracks and blisters. A Chris Craft never shudders or rattles in rough weather because the stringer grid is bound to the hull with weld-on adhesive making the two parts behave like a single part. When you buy a Chris Craft, you buy a boat that lasts a lifetime.

IMG_8936American Heritage

There are very few boat manufacturers that can boast of a rich American heritage as Chris Craft. It was one of the first American vessels to storm the beaches of Normandy. The engineering department of Chris Craft uses the latest computer aided manufacturing techniques. But even todayChris Craft boats are made of signature molds some of which are based on designs that are decades old. This is a brand that continues to uphold its tradition as a true American legend.

Lifestyle_Corsair33_TeakDeckwithCoupleTraditional Craftsmanship

Chris Craft’s designs are simple, yet have an understated elegance. Hands-on boat making techniques are combined with modern technology to create boats that are a pleasure to own. If there is one material that has defined a Chris Craft boat, it is wood. Each model of Chris Craft features retro styling with teak accents. Teak decks add a traditional feel and a timeless quality indicating that today’s Chris Crafts continue to be built exactly as Chris Smith envisioned them. The passion for wood is not limited to teak but extends to a generous use of mahogany, oak, maple and cherry wood in the boat’s exterior as well as interior.

_MG_0982Attention to Detail

One look at the modern day Chris Craft and you realize that the attention to detail is amazing. Examine the double stitched upholstery, and the bow lights and windshield frames that have been custom designed to match the Chris Craft styling.

Chris Craft is a brand that always strives to exceed customer expectations. And any time you wish to experience the Chris Craft difference, visit Dave Bofill Marine; your Chris Craft full stocking, premium dealer.

Chris Craft – Own a Masterpiece

According to a survey by Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBBF), 90% of Americans believe that boating reduces stress and is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. To quote Kenneth Grahame, a British writer “There is nothing- absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” This is true as recreational boating ranks high as the #1 leisure activity for Americans.

If you are planning on buying a boat, the first step is to determine the type of boat that will suit your needs. You can find different types of boats catering to three main activities: cruising, fishing and water sports. You may opt for a new or pre-owned boat, but which brand of boat do you go for? There is no confusion here because there can be nothing better than the leader in boat craftsmanship – Chris Craft.


Chris Craft is a name that is synonymous with boat craftsmanship and quality. Established in 1874, Chris Craft turns 142 years old in 2016. The legend of Christ Craft began when Christopher Columbus Smith dreamt of building the finest fishing and duck hunting boat. His first rowboat was launched in 1876. He continued building boats that offered great speed. In 1904, Smith was the first recipient of the Gold Cup, the oldest active trophy in motor sports. As the demand for speed boats grew the company started designing and manufacturing its own engines. Vintage models of the company’s boats are treasured by antique-boat collectors even today.

During the course of time, the company changed multiple hands and is now owned by Stellican Ltd., under the brand-name Chris Craft Inc. What makes a Chris Craft boat unique is that though each model is refreshing and new, the base idea comes from its old designs. It is not designed to resemble other boats trending in the market. So if you want to get noticed, then a Chris Craft is the boat to own.

Here are a few standards that every Chris Craft boat adheres to.

  • Timeless Design – Each design of Chris Craft is inspired from its past and a reminder of its rich American heritage.
  • Durability – You can see Chris Craft boats from the 60’s and 70’s still plying today. The boats are built using a 6-step lamination technique with quality-control monitoring at each step.
  • Agility – The boats provide excellent handling and are renowned for its speed.
  • Comfort – The boats feature an excellent use of space that is stylish and comfortable. The seat backs are all angled and multiple density foams are used to provide support wherever required.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship – Each boat is designed using the fusion of technology and traditional hands-on boat making technique. Even today a Chris Craft can be recognized by its hand-crafted teak deck.

It is said that years ago, when Chris Craft launched a model called ‘Mad Wilmar’, a New York banker purchased it to commute from his home in Long Island Sound to a dock at the base of Wall Street from where he used to walk to his office. This idyllic way to go to work was probably something that Chris Smith had envisioned when he crafted beautiful designs of boats. To find the right Chris Craft boat that suits your need, consider visiting Long Island’s boat dealer – Dave Bofill Marine Inc.

There is nothing to match the cruising experience that this brand of boat can give you. If you are someone who appreciates the finer things in life, then a Chris Craft would be the right choice.