Enjoy Summer in Style with the Chris Craft Corsair 34

If you ever get a chance to get aboard the Chris Craft Corsair 34, do not miss the opportunity. We took some time to explore this work of art, and realized that every moment spent on this Chris Craft boat was well worth the time.

The Chris Craft Corsair 34 made its debut in 2012, and continues its winning streak even with the recent model launched in 2017. Most 34-foot cruising boats are designed for overnight boaters. But the truth is, not everyone wants to go on an overnight cruise or spend the entire weekend on a boat. There are many boat lovers out there, who would prefer ample space for entertaining and relaxing, instead of spacious berths. The Corsair 34 is a welcome change, as it is perfect for a day-cruise as well as an overnight excursion.

The Chris Craft Corsair 34 has the primary mission of being a day boat that can comfortably seat at least 8 people. The tumble home aft, and V-shaped hull are Chris Craft trademarks that make the Corsair 34, the cynosure of all eyes at any yacht club. When required, the Chris Craft Corsair 34 can switch to the role of an overnighter, with basic amenities. To make your stay comfortable is a forward cabin with double sleeping area, a functional kitchen and a bathroom with an enclosed head and sink.

When you are looking for some quiet time, retire to the cabin on the Chris Craft Corsair 34. The overhead skylight that runs along the entire length of the forward deck makes the cabin bright, and gives it an expansive feel. The handcrafted wood cabinetry, and custom upholstery contribute to turning the Corsair 32 into the comfort zone that you desire.

The Chris Craft Corsair 34 packs quite a punch with the amenities that it offers. A refrigerator, flat-screen TV, stereo/DVD combo, and a Bimini top with stainless steel bows are all part of the standard equipment. The aft cockpit offers U-shaped seating with forward backrests. Seating is lavish and generously proportioned on this Chris Craft boat, and offers guests seating space on the port and starboard areas as well. There are sun loungers facing the rear while the large sun pad in the aft offers a transom walk-over.

There is enough storage space on the aft deck and under the seats in the port and starboard. Dedicated stowage bins for cushions and sun pads are thoughtful touches that Chris Craft fans are familiar with. The windscreen on the Chris Craft Corsair 32 is made of tempered glass, and offers a center walk-thru. The exterior sports a sleek look and has a foredeck with a flaring bow. The foredeck is covered in your choice of black or blonde teak caulking.

The spacious cockpit on the Chris Craft Corsair 34 has a captain’s chair with a double seat, with bolsters that can be tucked up to provide clear visibility. There is a single companion chair on the port side, and stainless steel grab rails and grab handles that ensure the passengers’ safety. The cockpit also has a teak table that is conveniently stored under the teak step-thru beneath the ‘U’ shaped cockpit seating. The mahogany steering wheel has a weighted center cap that spins to display the upright Chris Craft logo. The back of the chaise lounges reveal a hidden space to store fenders that are useful to dock the boat.

The summer is already here, and it’s the best time to go boating. For more details on Chris Craft boats, contact the #1 Chris Craft dealer, Dave Bofill Marine Inc. Invest in the Chris Craft Corsair 34 and enjoy the best summer ever!



Experience the Chris Craft Difference

1D7B9940_RT16If there is one name that continues to dominate the recreational boating market in America even after more than a century, it is Chris Craft. Since 1874 Chris Craft boats have been setting a standard for other boats to measure up to and even today, nothing seems to have changed. Chris Craft’s vision is to build boats that stand out in a sea of sameness. This is probably the reason why a Chris Craft, new or old, stands out even if it is surrounded by many other boats. Here are some observations on what makes Chris Craft different from other boat manufacturers.

Lifestyle_BoatinBarnSignature Design

When compared to any other boat manufacturer Chris Craft devotes more time and effort in boat building. This is because each Chris Craft boat is made to order and the manufacturer continues to use hands-on techniques along with modern technology. You can spot a Chris Craft from a mile away due to its distinctive V-shaped hull and tumblehome design. This is a shape that is engineered for stability and optimal performance even in unfavorable weather conditions. The flared bow provides extra deck space and knocks down the spray ensuring a dry ride. The reverse transom not only contributes to an enhanced visual appearance but also makes rear entry and exit via the swim platform easier.

CCL36-580Lasts a Lifetime

Chris Craft boats follow a 6-step lamination process that ensures the highest standards and is responsible for the boat’s stunning exterior. The gel coating on the exterior is sealed with UV-resistant polyurethane. Paint applied over the gel coat for a glossy finish is long lasting and resists oxidation that troubles most fiberglass boats. The expensive but less permeable vinylester resin used in the gel coat resists cracks and blisters. A Chris Craft never shudders or rattles in rough weather because the stringer grid is bound to the hull with weld-on adhesive making the two parts behave like a single part. When you buy a Chris Craft, you buy a boat that lasts a lifetime.

IMG_8936American Heritage

There are very few boat manufacturers that can boast of a rich American heritage as Chris Craft. It was one of the first American vessels to storm the beaches of Normandy. The engineering department of Chris Craft uses the latest computer aided manufacturing techniques. But even todayChris Craft boats are made of signature molds some of which are based on designs that are decades old. This is a brand that continues to uphold its tradition as a true American legend.

Lifestyle_Corsair33_TeakDeckwithCoupleTraditional Craftsmanship

Chris Craft’s designs are simple, yet have an understated elegance. Hands-on boat making techniques are combined with modern technology to create boats that are a pleasure to own. If there is one material that has defined a Chris Craft boat, it is wood. Each model of Chris Craft features retro styling with teak accents. Teak decks add a traditional feel and a timeless quality indicating that today’s Chris Crafts continue to be built exactly as Chris Smith envisioned them. The passion for wood is not limited to teak but extends to a generous use of mahogany, oak, maple and cherry wood in the boat’s exterior as well as interior.

_MG_0982Attention to Detail

One look at the modern day Chris Craft and you realize that the attention to detail is amazing. Examine the double stitched upholstery, and the bow lights and windshield frames that have been custom designed to match the Chris Craft styling.

Chris Craft is a brand that always strives to exceed customer expectations. And any time you wish to experience the Chris Craft difference, visit Dave Bofill Marine; your Chris Craft full stocking, premium dealer.

A Trip to Chris Craft Boat Factory

Why is Chris Craft known as the undisputed king in the world of motorboats? A trip to their boat factory provides the answer. The brand spells quality in each process of boat making. Chris Craft boats are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility located in Sarasota, Florida. The Chris Craft manufacturing plant is spread over 20 acres of land and employs a team of engineers, craftsmen, and skilled workers, many of which are industry veterans. Each boat is made to order and the company follows a detailed 6-sigma process to ensure the finest quality product. Though it has a rich heritage, the machines, tools, and processes used in Chris Craft manufacturing facility is state of the art.

A typical day at the factory starts with a discussion on the production schedule and the participants include all the different departments involved in designing and building a Chris Craft boat. A very important contribution that sets Chris Craft apart from the other boat manufacturers is its careful preservation of original molds. The first step in the production process is mold preparation and some of the molds have been preserved and utilized for nearly 50 years.


The hull is designed by following a 6-step lamination process.

Step 1– A gel coat is applied to form the outer surface of the hull. The thickness of the gel coat is constantly checked using a mill gauge, as it needs to be between 18-22 mils.

Step 2 – Spray application of a vinyl coat that provides thermal protection and a smoother finish.

Step 3 – Application of stranded fiberglass to the whole mold, along with a resin coating that is applied by hand.

Step 4 – The whole interior structure is locked in place. All Chris Craft boats feature the trademark tumble home design. The unique closed cell foam construction incorporated in the hull is responsible for minimizing the sound of water lapping against the hull at high speeds.

Step 5 – This is the curing process after which the fiberglass hull is separated from the mold.

Step 6 – The quality assurance team monitors every area of lamination to ensure that a hull of exceptional quality is ready.

Electrical System

The finished hull is sent to the cutting department where holes are bored to support the electrical wiring that forms a main component of the boat. All electrical components used in the boat ranging from battery cables to instrument panels is manufactured in-house.


The fabricating team at Chris Craft is responsible for creating cabinets, seating upholstery and other key components that make a Chris Craft boat. All wood and plastic components are cut using CNC routers that are programmed to ensure proper fit and alignment of the components. The craftsmen design the beautiful interior and comfortable seating that Chris Craft boats are famous for. The upholstery has a luxurious texture and is very durable. The hull then goes to the engine station for installation and base assembly functions.

Decking Station

After engine installation, the hull is moved to the decking station where the boat’s look is completed with a wood finishing. All Chris Craft boats use the highest grade of teak wood, and this is installed by hand.

Assembly Department

Each boat has its own custom-fitted wood parts and the process of assembling the interior can take anywhere between 6 to 40 hours depending on the boat’s model and size. The boat is then ready to go on its maiden trip in water, in a pond located within the factory premises. After this test run, it is cleaned and packed after final inspection.

Now that you have completed a virtual trip to the boat factory, you know you are going to own the best boat in the industry when you contact your nearest Chris Craft dealer.

Chris Craft Antique Boat Club

Looking for information on the 1936 Chris Craft 19-foot race boat? Or wondering how you can renovate an antique boat?  The answer is simple, become a registered member of the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club. If you are someone who owns a Chris Craft or takes interest in antique collections of Chris Craft boats or classic boats in general, then you definitely qualify for a membership. This club is one of the prestigious and oldest active marine marque club in the world.Chris Craft Boat Club Image

The Chris Craft Antique Boat Club was founded in 1973 in honor of Chris Craft’s rich history. It is dedicated to research, documentation and preservation of classic Chris Craft boats. But what led to the launch of this club? In the 1960’s traditional wooden boats were rapidly replaced by boats made of fiberglass. This change had an impact on Chris Craft, the giant among recreational boat manufacturers. Production of Chris Craft’s classic mahogany-hulled boats stopped in 1971 and the last wooden boat was sold to a customer in 1972. But even after Chris Craft stopped production of these boats, the interest in them kept growing. All these boats that remind us of the golden-era of Chris Craft constitute what is known as the antiques and classics of today.

The Chris Craft Antique Boat Club was formed by a group of boating enthusiasts and chief among them was Bill MacKerer. Also known as “Mr. Chris Craft” because of his long-standing career of over 40 years as a Chris Craft employee, he was the first to suggest that a club be formed to encourage preservation of old Chris Craft boats. MacKerer was in charge of production at the factory and was a meticulous recorder of facts and procedures. He maintained detailed notebooks of boat specifications, both Chris Craft’s as well as its competitors. This habit of his led to the detailed engineering catalogs of Chris Craft’s operation in later years. Apart from preserving antique Chris Craft boats, the boat club was formed to establish a means of communication between owners, dealers and Chris Craft Corporation.

Chris Craft Antique Boat Club that started with a membership of around 100 in its early years, now boasts of over 3600 members across 35 countries. The club has an amazing website that makes it possible to complete membership formalities online. Members of the club become part of an international network that works together to solve problems related to classic boats. Do you know that every classic Chris-Craft boat was assigned a hull number and hull card that recorded details of the boat including dates, materials, colors and accessories? Owners of such boats can use the hull number to research the origin of the specified boat. Members of the club get exclusive access to an online hull registry that lists all antique and classic Chris Craft boats irrespective of make or age. Though owning a Chris Craft is not mandatory to become a member of this distinguished club, most current members of the club own a Chris Craft boat.

The next time you have a question on a classic Chris Craft boat or need help with restoration of a Chris Craft boat, you know you just have to take advantage of the benefits that come with being a member of this esteemed club. Participate in the club’s online auctions of Chris-Craft accessories, gain access to the club’s quarterly newsletter ‘The Brass Bell’, or take part in its online discussion forum ‘Boat Buzz’. And most importantly, realize that with each passing day your Chris Craft boat becomes more rare and invaluable.

Chris Craft – Own a Masterpiece

According to a survey by Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBBF), 90% of Americans believe that boating reduces stress and is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. To quote Kenneth Grahame, a British writer “There is nothing- absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” This is true as recreational boating ranks high as the #1 leisure activity for Americans.

If you are planning on buying a boat, the first step is to determine the type of boat that will suit your needs. You can find different types of boats catering to three main activities: cruising, fishing and water sports. You may opt for a new or pre-owned boat, but which brand of boat do you go for? There is no confusion here because there can be nothing better than the leader in boat craftsmanship – Chris Craft.


Chris Craft is a name that is synonymous with boat craftsmanship and quality. Established in 1874, Chris Craft turns 142 years old in 2016. The legend of Christ Craft began when Christopher Columbus Smith dreamt of building the finest fishing and duck hunting boat. His first rowboat was launched in 1876. He continued building boats that offered great speed. In 1904, Smith was the first recipient of the Gold Cup, the oldest active trophy in motor sports. As the demand for speed boats grew the company started designing and manufacturing its own engines. Vintage models of the company’s boats are treasured by antique-boat collectors even today.

During the course of time, the company changed multiple hands and is now owned by Stellican Ltd., under the brand-name Chris Craft Inc. What makes a Chris Craft boat unique is that though each model is refreshing and new, the base idea comes from its old designs. It is not designed to resemble other boats trending in the market. So if you want to get noticed, then a Chris Craft is the boat to own.

Here are a few standards that every Chris Craft boat adheres to.

  • Timeless Design – Each design of Chris Craft is inspired from its past and a reminder of its rich American heritage.
  • Durability – You can see Chris Craft boats from the 60’s and 70’s still plying today. The boats are built using a 6-step lamination technique with quality-control monitoring at each step.
  • Agility – The boats provide excellent handling and are renowned for its speed.
  • Comfort – The boats feature an excellent use of space that is stylish and comfortable. The seat backs are all angled and multiple density foams are used to provide support wherever required.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship – Each boat is designed using the fusion of technology and traditional hands-on boat making technique. Even today a Chris Craft can be recognized by its hand-crafted teak deck.

It is said that years ago, when Chris Craft launched a model called ‘Mad Wilmar’, a New York banker purchased it to commute from his home in Long Island Sound to a dock at the base of Wall Street from where he used to walk to his office. This idyllic way to go to work was probably something that Chris Smith had envisioned when he crafted beautiful designs of boats. To find the right Chris Craft boat that suits your need, consider visiting Long Island’s boat dealer – Dave Bofill Marine Inc.

There is nothing to match the cruising experience that this brand of boat can give you. If you are someone who appreciates the finer things in life, then a Chris Craft would be the right choice.